Denmark has several interesting parks in a beautiful green environment. Many historic rides can still be found in Denmark amongst which Europe's second oldest operating rollercoaster: Rutschebanen in Bakken.
Tivoli Gardens must be one of the most fascinating amusement parks in a city center. Fårup Sommerlands is one of the greenest and friendliest park I've ever been to. And then of course there is the original Legoland in Billund. All of these parks are well worth visiting.

Amusement parks in Denmark

Bakken (Klampenborg)

BonBon-Land (Holme-Olstrup)

Fårup Sommerland (Saltum)

Karolinelund (Aalborg)

Legoland Billund (Billund)

Sommerland Syd (Tinglev)

Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen)