Fort Fun Abenteuerland

Bestwig-Wasserfall, Germany
Fort Fun is a smaller park in western style. The surroundings are beautiful as you can experience in the Santa Fe express train. Besides the family- and the corkscrew coaster, there's a very entertaining Devil's Mine. Don't forget the rapid river.

Roller Coasters

Devil's Mine (#100)
Vekoma Family Coaster, 1996
No Image
Marienkäferbahn (#102)
Zierer Kiddie Coaster, 1986
No Image
SpeedSnake FREE (#101)
Vekoma Corkscrew Coaster, 1981
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Thrill Rides

Polyp, 1997
No Image
Breakdance, 1999
No Image

Water Rides

Rio Grande
Rapid River, 1995
No Image
Wild River
Mack Log Flume, 1979
No Image

Transportation Rides

Silent Move
Monorail, 1994
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Gentle Rides

Beverly Hills Drive
Car Ride, 1993
No Image
Big Wheel
Ferris Wheel, 1992
No Image
Crazy Washhouse
Walk-through Adventure, 2001
No Image
Schwarzkopf Carousel
No Image
No Image
Kung Fu
Himalaya Ride
No Image
Mystery Warehouse
Haunted House, 2001
No Image
Old McDonald's
Car Ride, 1999
No Image
Roll Over
Unknown Flat Ride, 1996
No Image
Shooting Gallary
Shooting Gallery
No Image
Trapper Slider
Wiegand Bobkart, 2005
No Image
Swing Ride, 1996
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Children Rides

Kiddie Car Ride
No Image
Red Baron
Kiddie Plane Ride
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Orientalische Manege der Wunder
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