Oakwood Theme Park

Narberth, Wales
Park Entrance
Oakwood is the largest and finest park in Wales. Not only does it offer five rollercoasters, amongst which the fabulous wooden Megafobia, it's also beautifully located in a green environment. The park has a well balanced set of rides: a couple of thrills, a very nice spillwater and plenty to do for small children.

Roller Coasters

Crocodile Coaster (#846)
Unknown Family Coaster, 2013
No Image
Flight of the Giant Peach
Pinfari Galaxy Coaster, 2017 (Under construction)
No Image
Megafobia (#842)
Custom Coasters Wooden Coaster, 1996
No Image
Speed: No Limits (#845)
Gerstlauer Eurofighter, 2006
No Image
Treetops Rollercoaster (#844)
Zierer Kiddie Coaster, 1989
No Image
Circus Clown (#843)
Pinfari Kiddie Coaster, 1997 (Relocated)
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Thrill Rides

Alpine Slide
No Image
Skycoaster Skycoaster, 1997
No Image

Water Rides

Intamin Spillwater, 2002
No Image
Skull Rock
Log Flume, 2013
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Gentle Rides

Neverland Chase
Car Ride, 1994
No Image
Spooky 3D
Ghost Train, 2000
No Image
Tink’s Flying school
Flying Scooters
No Image

Children Rides

Kiddie Plane Ride, 1992
No Image
London Taxi ride
Kiddie Car Ride
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