Flight Deck

Canada's Wonderland
A virtually empty Zeeslang.
Ride typeInverted Looping Coaster
BuilderVekoma International B.V.
ModelSLC (689m Standard)
Current statusOperating
Opening year1995
Track length2261 '
Maximum speed50 mph
Height109 '
Highest drop93 '
Number of inversions5
Riding time1:28 min.
Coachesten rows of two
Number of trains2
Capacity1040 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 52 " and Less than 78 "
Flight Deck is Canada’s only inverted looping jet coaster. This mega coaster simulates flight with speeds of 55 mph, exhilarating 90-degree vertical climbs, barrel rolls, inverted wing loopovers, a 270-degree afterburn and a complete snap roll over. Riders take flight in a fully open cockpit suspended beneath the coaster’s steel track as the sky races below.
Former names:
Top Gun (from 1995 until 2007)