Racer (Backwards)

Kings Island
Ride typeWooden Coaster
BuilderPhiladelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc.
DesignerJohn C. Allen
Current statusOperating
Opening date04/29/1972
Track length3415 '
Maximum speed53 mph
Height88 '
Angle of descent45 degrees.
Riding time2:00 min.
Coachesfive six-passenger (3x2)
Number of trains2
Capacity1320 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 44 "
The classic woodie with two separate ride experiences. Take a thrilling ride forward or backwards on the original racing coaster at the park. With a top speed of 61 mph through 3,415 of track on each side don't miss your chance to catch some air on a great coaster.