Flamingo Land
Ride typeInverted Looping Coaster
BuilderVekoma International B.V.
ModelSLC (Shenlin)
Current statusOperating
Opening date04/01/2006
Track length2201 '
Maximum speed55 mph
Height118 '
Maximum G-Force4.70 G.
Highest drop112 '
Number of inversions4
Riding time1:32 min.
Coachesten rows of two
Number of trains2
Capacity1125 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 54 "
For extreme ride fans this is a real showstopper, with its unique custom layout and a breathtaking top speed of 56mph. Featuring a total of four inversions, you’ll experience up to 4.7g from a mix of our 87 foot tall loop, 55 foot Zero-G roll and the Cobra Roll, or Boomerang, which suspends you over one of our lakes at a height of 75 feet!