Canada's Wonderland
Ride typeHyper Coaster
BuilderBolliger & Mabillard (B & M)
ModelHyper Coaster
Current statusOperating
Opening date05/04/2008
Track length5318 '
Maximum speed77 mph
Height230 '
Highest drop220 '
Angle of descent75 degrees.
Coacheseight rows of four
Number of trains3
Capacity1545 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 54 " and Less than 84 "
The park's first Bolliger and Mabillard coaster & first hyper coaster (a coaster with a height or first drop over 200 feet). The first drop towers at 220 foot – that’s the same height as Drop Tower! Reaches speeds of 77 mph in 3.9 seconds when it drops riders back to Earth at a 75 degree angle. Trains traverse 5300 foot of track taking riders over 4 massive airtime hills, a 180 degree hairpin turn, and 2 helixes. Features prototype open air seating; every rider has a “front-row” seat. One of the best new rides in the world as voted on by Amusement Today readers and other Industry publications and polls when it opened in 2008.