Cedar Point
Ride typeMultiloop Coaster
BuilderArrow Dynamics Inc.
ModelCustom Looping Coaster
DesignerRon Toomer
Current statusOperating
Opening date05/15/1976
Track length2050 '
Maximum speed48 mph
Height85 '
Number of inversions3
Riding time2:00 min.
Coachessix four-passenger (2x2)
Number of trains3
Capacity1800 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 48 "
You go upside down how many times?!? The Corkscrew roller coaster was the first scream machine to span a midway and the world's first triple-looping coaster. After a ride on the twisted track of Corkscrew, riders get off wondering which way is up! Built during America's Bicentennial year of 1976, this proud ride showcases its red, white and blue colors as it glides over spectators standing in awe and amazement on the midway below. In 24 years, more than 46.8 million guests have gone head-over-heels on Corkscrew.