Disaster Transport

(Defunct) Cedar Point
Ride typeBobsled Coaster
BuilderIntamin Amusement Rides
ModelSwiss Bob
Current statusDefunct
Opening date05/11/1985
Closing date07/29/2012
Track length1932 '
Maximum speed40 mph
Height63 '
Riding time2:32 min.
Coachesfive rows of two
Number of trains5
Capacity1800 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 46 "
Passengers on Disaster Transport are taken on a dark journey through action-packed twists and unexpected turns in a completely enclosed structure. This unique ride is the only coaster at Cedar Point that does not run on a track. Instead, Disaster Transport runs in a steel trough, which gives it a special feel and one-of-a-kind bobsled ride experience. Disaster Transport has given more than 19.5 million rides since 1985.
Former names:
Avalanche Run (from 1985 until 1989)