Ride typeSpace Shot
BuilderS&S Worldwide
Current status
Opening year1998
Maximum speed53 mph
Height197 '
Maximum G-Force4.00 G.
Riding time2:00 min.
Coachestwelve passenger
Number of trains1
Riding restrictionsAt least 51 "
Experience the exciting kick longed for by every astronaut. This ride is just like lifting off from Cape Canaveral in the latest Space Shuttle. The powerful motors of this ride develop a combined power of 5,000 HP as you lift off at a speed of 85 km/hour and shoot up to a height of sixty metres. At the top, you stop for a moment and the sheer scale of the height grips your stomach as you see how far away the ground is below you! Then, before you know it, all of a sudden comes the adrenaline shock of a vertical drop as you free-fall to halfway down the tower. But this thrilling experience is not over yet: you find yourself shooting upward again like an arrow, then free-fall back down before landing on Mother Earth like any other astronaut. Ready for lift off?