Millennium Force

Cedar Point
Ride typeHyper Coaster
BuilderIntamin Amusement Rides
ModelGiga Coaster
DesignerIng.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Current statusOperating
Opening date05/13/2000
Track length6595 '
Maximum speed93 mph
Height310 '
Highest drop300 '
Angle of descent80 degrees.
Riding time2:20 min.
Coachesnine four-passenger (2x2)
Number of trains3
Capacity1300 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 48 "
Millennium Force set the amusement industry on fire when it debuted in 2000 as the tallest and fastest roller coaster on planet Earth. Standing a skyscraping 310 feet tall and eclipsing legal speed limits at 93 mph, this towering steel thrill machine is just the latest in a storied history of world-record-breaking roller coasters at Cedar Point. Millennium Force takes its eager riders on a 2-minute, 20-second journey over 6,595 feet of brilliant blue track that winds its way along the Frontier Trail and onto an inner island in the center of the park. Termed a 'giga coaster' for its enormous height, Millennium Force broke a whopping 10 world records when it debuted, stunning thrill-seekers around the world. More than 1.7 million riders went 'full force' in 2000.