Six Flags Great Escape
Ride typeBoomerang Coaster
BuilderVekoma International B.V.
Current statusOperating
Opening date05/23/1997
Track length935 '
Maximum speed47 mph
Height117 '
Maximum G-Force5.20 G.
Number of inversions3
Riding time1:48 min.
Coachesseven four-passenger (2x2)
Number of trains1
Capacity760 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 48 "
Riders are slowly drawn backwards to the top of the first imposing lift. Then, unexpectedly, the train is released and riders begin a harrowing journey through loops and corkscrews before climbing to the top of a second gigantic lift to do the whole thing again, in reverse. Located across from Itza Pizzeria.
Former names:
Boomerang Coast to Coaster (from 1997 until 2015)