Six Flags Great Adventure
This time the trains make it through just fine again.
Ride typeFloorless Coaster
BuilderBolliger & Mabillard (B & M)
ModelFloorless Coaster - Medusa
DesignerIng.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Current statusOperating
Opening date04/02/1999
Track length3985 '
Maximum speed61 mph
Height142 '
Highest drop132 '
Number of inversions7
Riding time2:20 min.
Coacheseight rows of four
Number of trains3
The first floorless coaster in the world! Riders are strapped into a flying chair - with no floor under foot - plunge 13 stories and rocket through more than 10 highly-banked turns and heart-pounding inversions. Medusa will soar at a top speed of 61 mph for over 3 minutes!
Former names:
Medusa (from 1999 until 2008)
Bizarro (from 2009 until 2021)