Great Pumpkin Coaster

Kings Island
Ride typeJunior Steel Coaster
BuilderE&F Miler Industries
Current statusOperating
Opening year1992
Track length199 '
Height8 '
Coachessix rows of two
Number of trains1
Riding restrictionsLess than 60 "
The biggest thrills on the wildest ride for wee-ones. Just the ride speed for those looking to take their first ride on a roller coaster. Climb aboard miniature taxi cars and go zooming over the dips by yourself or have your parents along to hold on to.
Former names:
Scooby Zoom (from 1992 until 1997)
Top Cat's Taxi Jam (from 1998 until 2005)
Little Bill's Giggle Coaster (from 2006 until 2009)