#LikeMe Coaster

Plopsaland De Panne
Ride typeKiddie Coaster
ModelTivoli - Large
DesignerIng.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Current statusOperating
Opening year1976
Track length1181 '
Maximum speed23 mph
Height26 '
Capacity1250 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 47 " or 35 " if accompanied by an adult.
Viktor’s Race is a thrilling ride during which the children and Viktor fly through space at high speed. Get in, brace yourself and ... off you go!
Former names:
Marienkaferbahn (from 1976 until 1999)
Dongo's Race (from 2000 until 2012)
Viktor's Race (from 2013 until 2021)