New Revolution

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Ride typeLooping Coaster
BuilderAnton Schwarzkopf Company
DesignerIng.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Current statusOperating
Opening date05/08/1976
Track length3457 '
Maximum speed55 mph
Height113 '
Maximum G-Force4.90 G.
Number of inversions1
Riding time2:12 min.
Coachesfive four-passenger (2x2)
Number of trains2
Capacity2000 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 48 "
The world's first giant looping roller coaster. This white steel track coaster is built into the park's lush hillsides and features a fast and furious series of steep, daring dips and dives inspired by those experienced on old-fashioned wooden coasters.
Former names:
Great American Revolution (from 1976 until 1980)
La Revolución (from 1981 until 1987)
Revolution (from 1988 until 2015)