Flight of Fear

Kings Dominion
Ride typeLaunch Coaster
BuilderPremier Rides
ModelLIM Coaster
DesignerIng.-Büro Stengel GmbH
Current statusOperating
Opening date06/18/1996
Track length2705 '
Maximum speed54 mph
Height74 '
Maximum G-Force4.50 G.
Number of inversions4
Riding time2:24 min.
Coachesfive four-passenger (2x2)
Number of trains3
Capacity2000 riders/hour
Riding restrictionsAt least 54 "
Enclosed in semi darkness, The Flight of Fear defines a new generation of roller coasters by combining a technologically advanced Linear Induction Motor launch system with a totally enclosed track and unique ride theme.
Former names:
Outer Limits: Flight of Fear (from 06/18/1996 until 2000)