Two-Face: The Flip Side

(Relocated) Six Flags America
Ride typeInverted Boomerang Coaster
BuilderVekoma International B.V.
Current statusRelocated
Opening date05/08/1999
Closing year2007
Track length1014 '
Maximum speed50 mph
Height131 '
Maximum G-Force5.00 G.
Highest drop138 '
Number of inversions3
Riding time1:30 min.
Coachesseven four-passenger (2x2)
Number of trains1
Seated in unique face-to-face coaches, riders are pulled up a 137-foot lift and dropped, flying 55mph, back down the lift before shooting up into a “boomerang” double inverted side-winder. After returning to an upright position, passengers are thrust head-on into a 72-foot hight vertical loop before rocketing to the tip of a second 137-foot lift. Riders have just enough time to catch their breath before the train is released, propelling them through the entire ride again in the opposite direction!
Relocated to Movieland Park as Diabolik