Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The first real theme park of the holiday is on the agenda today. It is a very sunny and bright day in Vallejo, just a little north of San Francisco, where Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is located. At home we had already purchased some seaon passes for the Six Flags parks. The Gold version also includes a parking pass for all of the Six Flags parks so that was the most convenient option for us. With three A4 sheets of barcodes we arrive at the parking lot of the park.

From there it is still quite a long way to the entrance of the park and in the morning sun it's already quite warm. Fortunately, a small train takes us to the gates where we enter the park directly using the barcodes printed back home. We first have our season passes created for us. Hellen is a little dizzy this morning so unfortunately no roller coasters for her today.

I first start with V2: Vertical Velocity Flash: Vertical Velocity (#774), a kind of coaster that wouldn't excite Hellen that much anyway. This is a so-called twisted impulse coaster. The train is launched from the station into one of the towers, then returns backwards and is accelerated backwards into the other tower.