Pacific Park

After the tiring journey yesterday, today we will take it easy. We arrive late at breakfast, which isn't much of a breakfast anyway here. There is apparently no stove in the kitchen and thus the ready-boiled eggs come straight from the store and they are stone cold. Even the scrambled eggs are just put in the microwave for a while. There is a waffle maker and a toaster. Not exactly a meal. The room itself is fine.

We drive to Santa Monica and park near the pier. First we have a nice lie on the beach and take a dive in the ocean. That is, the temperature of the water is quite disappointing but once you're in it is great. There are big waves. This time I have spent a few hours in the sea.

After lunch on the beach we go to the pier. Most of the pier is taken up by Pacific Park. For such a small park, there are still quite a lot of rides. The most notable attractions, in addition to the roller coaster, are a ferris wheel, scrambler, a small Moser drop tower, a swinging ship, a frog hopper, Bumper Cars, a plane and a balloon mill ride. The major attractions cost $ 5 per ride, the smaller ones are $ 3. There is also a wristband for sale for unlimited rides.

The most striking of course is the Santa Monica West Coaster (#788), a coaster by Morgan nearly 400 meters long and 17 meters high. Although no figures that make a big impression I always enjoy these Morgans. The West Coaster has a nice helix on both sides of the pier.

We walk to the end of the pier, where fishing appears to be the favorite pastrime of some. Then we go back to the hotel, we go get some food and we figure out how we will organize the rest of the days exactly.

The breakfast, compared to Hawaii at least, isn't all that much.

Our car for the last 10 days of this holiday.

Santa Monica Pier.

It is getting crowded on the beach. The seagulls are continuously looking for food.

View of Pacific Park.

Santa Monica hotels.

Fine tuna salad sandwiches we bought behind the pier.

Lively activity on the pier. The weather starts getting a bit worse. Cloudy.

The end of route 66.

Santa Monica West Coaster.

Typical Morgan trains.

It seems an original scrambler. Always looks nice.

Pacific Wheel.

Meanwhile, the waves increase.

From the end of the pier.

The police also keeps an eye out.