Six Flags Magic Mountain

After lunch we drive to Six Flags Magic Mountain for the second time. This time to take pictures and do the rides we didn't have the time for yesterday. It is much more pleasant today because it is about 23 degrees instead of well into the 30's.

This time I take the cablecar up the mountain, which saves me a lot of walking uphill. At the top is the entrance to Ninja (#803), a suspended coaster by Arrow Dynamics. One of only five still functioning, it is unfortunately a dying species. The way the coaches can swing freely makes these rides a very nice experience to me. Ninja is in that respect no disappointment. The track is longer than I had thought and also makes skilful use of his position along the mountainside.

We continue to Apocalypse the Ride (#804), the wooden roller coaster made by builder Great Coasters International which is widely beloved amongst roller coaster fans. Hellen feels a lot better than she did yesterday and this timeshe comes along. As with Ninja there is once again a big queue. Without a Flash Pass I would never have been able to get in all those rides yesterday. Thankfully the ride is well worth the 45 minutes we have to wait for it. Apocalypse is a nice smooth coaster with great airtime hills and sharp curves. Hellen also thinks of this, loving wood like she does, as quite a good ride.

The same circle we made yesterday we walk in the opposite direction today, making photos of the attractions along the way. It strikes us there are beautiful themed areas in the park, something Six Flags generally quite often has difficulties with.

Before we leave again, I want to ride the other side of the Superman track, because yesterday the launch was something I rather liked yesterday. Today both tracks are in use and so the queue for Superman: Escape from Krypton (Left) (#805) is no more than fifteen minutes.

Back at the hotel, we think of where we are going to eat tonight. There is an Applebees not too far from us and it shows an excellent choice. Good food and very friendly staff.

Tomorrow we go to Universal and take a look in Hollywood.

Coincidentally, the 'greatest coasters ever built' are all located in this park ;)

The cablecar is a lot more comfortable going up and down the mountain.

Ninja is one of the few remaining suspended coasters.

A big queue here. It takes some getting used to without the Flash Pass.

Ninja rolls back into the station.

Apocalypse the Ride was called Terminator Salvation until 2011. The Terminator theming actually hasn't changed.

Not an extremely high coaster, though a very pleasant one.

Beautiful collection of timber.

The purpose of this part is not entirely clear. It seems to be an area where shows were given.


High Sierra theme area.

This section looks still seriously attractive. It reminds me of HersheyPark.

Superman once more.

Goodbye Magic Mountain.