Movie Park Germany

After the failed visit to Movie Park Germany last year, now there is a good opportunity to go to the park once again. The FKF has compiled a nice program for the annual fanday. And thus we wake up early to gather on time in the morning at the entrance of Movie Park. This time we are not here as members of Themepark but for the first time we represent the ECC. They all are, in any case, the usual nice people we know well among the several hundreds of FKF members.

After handing out the tickets and nametags, at 9 am sharp the crowd oozes through a side entrance of the park. First up is there an hour ERT on a number of attractions in the relatively new Santa Monica Pier section of the park. We can let off steam in Crazy Surfer, Jet Ski and MP-Xpress. There is plenty of time for us to ride all three of them several times before we throw ourselves on the well-organized breakfast.

We eat in the newly themed restaurant the Van Helsing Club. Now that we are here anyway we rather be safe than sorry and, in anticipation of the tonight's ERT, we step inside the building of the Van Helsing's Factory (#825) indoor rollercoaster, which is new to us. In 2011, the Gremlins Invasion dark ride, after having been closed for several years, made way for the bobsled track of this Gerstlauer gem. The queue is pretty neatly groomed but, to me, sometimes lacks the link to Van Helsing. The ride itself is fine, very nice even, with lots of fast cornering and unexpected movements in the dark.

Movie Park in recent years has done its best to make the whole park look more cheerful and more complete. Especially in the childrens areas it looks very cozy and there have been added and renewed attractions quite a bit since our last visit in 2007. We can not refuse a lap on Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer.

Next on the agenda is an hour long interview with the Dutch director of the park Wouter Dekkers, unfortunately entirely in German and a little wordy which causes the span of attention to weaken for many of the visitors after some time. They are excited to report that they had invested a lot in refurbishing Bandit, the wooden roller coaster. During the next few years there is still a large portion of the track to be replaced but the worst blows would be solved. When we decided to judge for ourselves later that day, it turns out a little disappointing. Indeed the first few drops and curves are endurable but soon after it becomes quite painful. Either that or we are getting old.

After the show Shadows of Darkness we get a extensive backstage tour in smaller groups and may we see everything in front, behind and on stage. For many, the view of Bandit at the rear of the building is a great opportunity to take pictures from this otherwise impossible viewpoint.

We take a stroll through the rest of the park. High Fall remains for me a pretty exciting droptower so we cannot skip. Also the Ghost Chasers roller coaster has to be tried out in the new decor.

In the evening the barbeque begins. For such a huge group it is always hard to make sure dinner gets well organised but this time Moviepark succeeds wonderfully well. The food is tasty, there is ample choice and the queues of hungry people waiting are quickly remedied. My compliments to the people who made this possible. After all the regular visitors have found their way to the exit of the park, we can make some exclusive use of Van Helsing's Factory again. The queue is now longer than it was during the day but it's a pleasant atmosphere and we can still get enough rides.

We remain in the neighborhood to spend the night because tomorrow we'll visit a small park nearby.

Modified to fit the the ride across the street: the Van Helsing club.

Even the cars in the street didn't escape the new look.

The entrance to the Van Helsing's Factory roller coaster.

Holografic effects in the queueline.

Rocket Rider Rollercoaster has been dressed up nicely as Mission to Mars, in a colorful area of the park.

Ghost Chasers is the newest appearance of Mad Manor.

Humour at the Ninja Turtles' driving school.

On stage at the Western Lightning show.

Inside the control room.

Marvelous view over Bandit from up here.

High Fall is still one of my favorite freefall towers.

Inside Van Helsing during the evening ERT.

See you later Movie Park. It was once again a pleasure to visit.