Potts Park

More or less near Movie Park Germany lies the Potts Freizeit Park where we will take a look today. It's rather forlorn again and that is why we find a rather deserted park. The front part of the park offers a number of Heege self-service attractions and the fairly recent electric powered roller coaster by the brand ABC Rides, which was unknown to me until today. The track is, for a park this small, pretty spacious.

However, first we proceed to the only real roller coaster here: Potts Blitz (#826) is a standard ride by Zierer but with a uniquely shaped train on it. At the front and the back are airplane pilots and propellors come to move when the train gaines speed. It's so quiet in Potts that the coaster sits at the station most of the time, waiting for visitors wanting take a ride.

The most interesting of the park is, however, the Terra Phänomenalis, where a multitude of physicist experiments are displayed. A lot of fun and educational for the children.

Also nice is the Giants home. An entire house is recreated here on a large scale, intended for adults to experience what it is like to be a child again.

We make another round through the park but soon come back to the electric roller coaster Turbo Drachen (#827). The ride is quite nice but it has very little similarities with a true roller coaster.

After a few hours in the park we drive back home.

The entrance of the Potts Freizeit Park Minden.

A collection of small attractions of the brand Heege in between the go-kart course.

Potts train.

An empty station at Potts Blitz.

Very original train on an otherwise very standard Zierer track.

The highlight of Potts is this exhibition Terra Phänomenalis.

Despite the illusions all red lines are the same length.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

From the National Dutch Science quiz. A hollow and a solid cylinder with equal mass and girth.

The solid is always the first one down.

Inside the giant kitchen.

Turbo Drachen hangar.

Hellen approaches the final descend.

Potts also has an impressive model train display. Nicely made with attention to detail.

Log Flume.

Jet skis are always fun. Even if the weather does not cooperate.