Clifton Park Amusements

It took a little longer than we thought but the Hellen's car is ready for us to pick back up in Leeds. And so today we take the plane back to Manchester and from there a train to Leeds. Dave picks us up from the trainstation, we then relieve the local ATM from a stack of English pounds and arrive at the workshop of Quad Conversions.

The StreetKa is almost unrecognizable and really looks like brand new. Hellen had selected a white color with a pearl effect and the transition from black to this color is striking. The rear window in the convertible top had already been replaced on the way to Leeds a couple of weeks ago, the hood is now pulled straight again and the spoiler is now mounted on the back. All in all a very different car from the one we handed in.

It is already quite late when we drive from Leeds and it starts to shimmer when we arrive in Rotherham, where we wanted to pay a visit to Clifton Park. Clifton is a small park on a piece of paved area. There is a handful of attractions, each of which should be paid for separately. The number of visitors barely exceeds the number of attractions today.

The most interesting attraction here is Roller Coaster (#836), a 4 meters high coaster from the lesser known Italian builder Top Fun. This ride is believed to originate from Gulliver's Milton Keynes. There isn't much to say about the ride itself, it is a standard oval with an additional helix.

A little further on we find the second roller coaster of the park. The even smaller Go-Gator (#837) is an oval shaped electrical roller coaster. This piece was retrieved in 2010 from another park as well, in this case Wroxham Barns.

Besides these two rides Clifton doesn't offers us any other attractions we like and we move on towards Malton where we will visit Flamingo Land tomorrow.

We get back a very different car than the one we handed in a number of weeks ago.

I believe Hellen is quite pleased with it.

The entrance to Clifton Park Amusements. It is unclear whether this port is only here now because of Halloween.

Roller Coaster does not attract a huge amount of visitors today.

One of the few Go Gators where adults are permitted.