Blackgang Chine

We are on vacation for a few days on the peaceful Isle of Wight. On the south coast of the island is the small attraction park Blackgang Chine. The park does not have much to offer, at least not for us. There is a nice museum on steam engines and old crafts, an exhibition about the history of this coastal town and a number of thematic areas to walk through.

New in the park is the Restricted Area 5, a walk along a collection partly animated dinosaurs. It is spacious and nicely made but we are just outside the target audience I'm afraid.

But we are here eventually because of Cliffhanger (#841), the 11.5 meter high roller coaster of IE Park. There is one operator at work here and who takes his time. Given the number of visitors this poses no problem because it hardly occurs that more than half of the train is filled with passengers. The track itself is wonderfully smooth and runs a lot better than it looks.

The pirate at the park entrance betrays the presence of the themed area, the Pirates Cove.

The park is beautifully situated right on the coast but each year it loses a piece of land to the sea.

Restricted Area 5 leads past a huge collection of dinosaurs.

Cliffhanger is a surprisingly pleasant coaster.