Canada's Wonderland

We are once again in Canada for work and because it is the first time here for some of us we decided to spend the weekend prior to the week here as well and do a little sightseeing in the area. Yesterday we admired the Niagara Falls early in the morning and in the afternoon we viewed Toronto from the CN Tower. Today Patrick drops off Lode and myself at Canada's Wonderland for a full day of roller coasters. Back at the hotel we were warned that it would become very crowded at the park because of Halloween. In the morning there was nothing of the sort though. The parking lot is huge, I estimate that there is room for some 10,000 cars but at the moment there are no more than a couple of hundred.

For me it is now the third time in this park, so I know my way around pretty well. I also know that there are certain rides where the queues during the day just keeps getting longer so it is wise to do those first. So Lode and I turn left once inside the park and we suddenly enter a completely deserted part of the park. For a moment, I think that the attractions here are not yet open but when we approach Back Lot Stunt Coaster it appears to be working just fine.

Last time it struck me that the acceleration of Stunt Coaster is pretty tough, straight into a tight spiral upwards, and today I am reminded of that again. I think it's still a nice smooth coaster. Such a pity that the effects on the sides of the track are no longer in place. Back at the station, there appears to be hardly anyone waiting and we can immediately embark again for a second round. Even after that it is still really quiet but twice is quite enough for now.

Opposite this rollercoaster we find Behemoth and it's rather quiet here as well so again we can get on right away. A second ride front seat now becomes very applealing and so we wait for the next train to pass and then we enter front row. What an incredible forces does this coaster deliver. The first drop of nearly 70 metres feels great. At least, for me that is because for Lode it's just a little bit too much in quick succession.

When we walk along to Mighty Canadian Minebuster a little later Lode decides to take it slower for a while and passes on this one. Again, I find a rather empty station and can directly step onto the first arriving train. Well, what else to do but to go for the front again. Another delicious wild coaster.

Wonder Mountain's Guardian (#847) is new to me because it first opened just 5 months ago. Unfortunately the same applies to many of the other visitors too and so there is a proper queue that eventually turns out to take 45 minutes. Lode doesn't want to ride just yet, which is unfortunate because the Guardian turns out to be a very unique and quiet rollercoaster without any violence or sudden movements. Unique in the sense that it is the first ride anywhere that combines being a roller coaster, a dark ride and a 3D shooter. All riders get 3D glasses on and then the ride starts with a short piece roller coaster track. Back inside the mountain the fight against the bad guys commences and we shoot away. Very nicely made and as far as I'm concerned more rides like this would be very welcome.

Then we head towards Leviathan (#848). This 93 metre high giant is also new to me. From the parking lot you can already see this is one seriously tall coaster. Lode also can not resist this monster so we both enter the queue. For such a spectacular rollercoaster one would expect the queue would be a very long one but it's actually not that bad. Due to the large trains of 32 passengers and the good working pace of personnel we move through quickly. Fifteen minutes later we can get on.

Leviathan is sublime. The train crashes from 93 meters down at an angle of 80 degrees and a speed of close to 150 km/h straight into a tunnel. Absolutely tre-men-dous. It is followed by an overbanked high turn and a brilliant low hill with crazy airtime, which at the end also bends to the left. Then a large hill, another high overbanked turn, low airtime right turn, high hill and a sharper banked left turn. Finally, the track goes up a hill and the train brakes when it arrives at the top. Much too soon this 1672 meters of steel is already behind us. In my opinion, because for Lode this was the final blow.

We're going to take a minute to catch his breath and drink some good coffee but unfortunately for Lode this was the last ride for the day. We decide to split so I can get some more rides and meet again after about an hour. During that time I'm looking for the entrance of Vortex. Just like the previous visit I have to search for it again. It slowly gets a bit busier in the park and I have to line up for Vortex for the better part of the hour. The ride is wonderful but short, unfortunately these suspended coasters are a dying kind nowadays.

We walk through the park and arrive back at Leviathan again. It's less crowded even than the first time we were here and I take this opportunity to make another three runs, one of which front seat. For maximum airtime it is recommended to take a seat near the back, that first low hill is taken at full speed and is really bonkers.

Then we call Patrick to arrange what time he can come and pick us up. That will take a while so I quickly go for a ride on Wild Beast Wilde Beast. I could vaguely recall thereof that I didn't very much liked this wooden coaster before, but couldn't quite remember why. After riding I remembered though: it's just painfully rough.

Canada's Wonderland did not disappointing me once again and with these two new rides it is easily number one in the top 10 parks of Canada.

Morning in Canada's Wonderland. There is not a soul yet on this side of the park.

A nice wooden roller coaster, this speed monster.

Again, hardly any people.

Wonder Mountain's Guardian is currently one of a kind.

Beautiful piece of nature with Vortex in the background.

Leviathan is truly an asset to the park. What a beast.

Onto the 93 meters lift hill.